Media Player 4 Museum

A minimalistic, Open Source Video Player.
Loops all MP4 Files from USB Memory.
No nonsense. Version 2.

  • New! Skip Files with a Switch
  • Player will boot up within 30 seconds.
  • Video files are sorted A..Z for playback.
  • System is read-only, no need to shut down
  • Will work perfectly 24/7 or on a timer switch
Installation in 4 simple steps:
  1. Download the Image (506MB, v2)
  2. Clone Image to a Card for Raspberry Pi (howto)
  3. Attach USB Memory Stick with .mp4 files
  4. Connect to screen and power supply
Optional: Connect a Switch to skip files: schematic

3D Print Enclosure

This will fit a Pi A+. New Version!

  1. Download zipped STL files
  2. Print nicely
  3. Mount Pi with 4x M3 18mm



Where's the magic? How does it work?
After booting up, it will run the script located in the pi home directory.

How do I login?
ssh is enabled, User pi, Password mp4museum

Would it play video files from SD Card?
It could, but the internal card is used read-only. If you know your linux, go hack it: RE-mount as RW, store media and change accordingly.

I want a button to skip files
Connect a switch between +3.3V and GPIO18 (schematic)

I can't put this together myself
Please feel free to contact the author.


Problems & possible solutions

USB Stick Format: Please use a FAT32 formatted Flash Drive, and not a Harddisc.

Check the LED's: Red steady = Power Good, Green flickering = Booting / Working, Green steady = Boot Issue / SD Card Problem

Sound / Display Issues: Don't use analog Out, bad quality. No sound or image on hdmi? Check this out to learn about setting up config.txt.

Hardware Problems: Needs good power: Original Raspi, maybe Apple or Samsung Tablet Charger. HDMI output is not very capable, stick to one cable between Pi and Screen/Projector, also, keep it short.

White/Green Screen at the end of Video - This could happen if the omxplayer app has problems with reading your file. Try to encode your .mp4 using a hight-quality preset in handbrake.

What is it doing? What's going wrong? Login via ssh, run "sudo killall python" to stop the regular autostart script. execute "python" to see debug info in your remote session while the video should play back on the connected screen. It should say "skip" when it detects a signal on GPIO18.


Version 2 of may 26, 2017 ISO Image in ZIP
(506MB, MD5 Checksum 22489c0ea4e559a48ee4e4158663f9e2)
 ✓ Tested on Pi 2, 3, A+, ZeroW, .. ?

Version 1 of november 18, 2016 ISO Image in ZIP
(684MB, MD5 Checksum faba1905352d7db74c5a3da139b5b221)
 ✓ Tested on Pi 2, 3, Zero, A+



Julius Schmiedel is a media artist from cologne.

Please send your feedback to julius©urgu⋅de
Let me know about problems, solutions, back padding.

System Based on Raspbian Lite and OMXPlayer
Enclosure is a remix of this thing.
Last Update: sep 13th, 2017