• Supports multiple sticks, using FAT, NTFS, HFS
  • Skip or Pause with a switch
  • Player will boot up within 30 seconds
  • Video files are sorted A..Z
  • System is read-only, no shut down needed
  • Will work perfectly 24/7 or on a timer switch
  • V5 Beta can play back 4k HEVC/h.265 on Raspi4 (experimental)
  • V5 Beta offers selection of sound output via /boot/alsa.txt

Version 4.20, July 2020
(948MB Download, Image MD5 8595aba23b300722ede1487bb7a6847d)

Version 5 beta 3, Feb 2021
(1.33GB Download, Image MD5 636fff34e901dca2bda75d440ca994a2)


  • Plays one file from internal card (“loop.mp4”)
  • Seamless loop
  • Master software for stand-alone or networked playback
  • Slave software will sync (“loop.mp4”) to master
  • Sync playback requires a TCP network with DHCP server

MP4M-Sync-Master, Dec 2020
(1.3GB Download, Image MD5 cf220c96166f9dd46ddc1b11f060b5e1)

MP4M-Sync-Slave, Dec 2020
(1.18GB Download, Image MD5 d1a4110fb05afbc71323bd490c1ac0ca)

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Case to 3D-Print

You can download these STL-Files to print out a case for the Raspberry Pi A+, which is my favorite for the smaller form factor while offering standard HDMI and USB connectors.

Previous Versions

Version 5 beta, Nov 2020
(1.3GB Download, Image MD5 1e3a2410e3db25e2af5bbcaeb7b66f15)

Version 4 of may 6, 2019 ISO Image in ZIP
(607MB MD5 Checksum c58007dec7ffb0e031f9dfac9fa2f550)
 ✓ Tested on Pi 3+, A+ (old model), Zero

Version 3 beta of august 23, 2018 ISO Image in ZIP
(575MB, image MD5 Checksum 63e7619d6fb983b884234b1ceb8e3b73)
 ✓ Tested on Pi 1, 3+, A+, Zero

Version 2 of may 26, 2017 ISO Image in ZIP
(506MB, MD5 Checksum 22489c0ea4e559a48ee4e4158663f9e2)
 ✓ Tested on Pi 2, 3, A+, ZeroW

Version 1 of november 18, 2016 ISO Image in ZIP
(684MB, MD5 Checksum faba1905352d7db74c5a3da139b5b221)
 ✓ Tested on Pi 2, 3, Zero, A+

Try V3 if you get audio problems with analog out, otherwise using these is not recommended.


Based on Raspbian Lite

Player v4 and earlier: omxplayer

Player v5 beta: vlc

Player Sync: omxplayer-sync

Read-Only Mode of v4: Adafruit

Case is a Remix of Thing 639651