MP4Museum v5.5

  • Supports multiple usb sticks, using FAT, NTFS, HFS, ExFAT
  • Skip or Pause with a switch
  • Player will boot up within seconds
  • Video files are sorted A..Z
  • System is read-only, no shut down needed
  • Will work perfectly 24/7 or on a timer switch
  • Play back 4k HEVC/h.265 on Raspi4
  • Manual selection of sound output via /boot/alsa.txt
  • Seamless loop via codeword “loop.” in the filename
  • Free space on SD Card for your media files

Download Image File of ~2.2GB and write to 16 GB SD Card

MD5 f5cdd90e4694b72ad80489486ab4

Please consider a Donation, if this makes your project work.


  • Plays one h264 file from internal card (“loop.mp4”)
  • Sync playback requires setting up a network
  • Works on Raspi 1 – 3 and very early Pi 4

Download Master Image File of ~1.4GB

MD5 6375c4723677981da73bb2281bbe6f97

Download Slave Image File of ~1.2GB

MD5 0988f6855c1049ad227d9fc8dae357fc

Note: This software is quite old, but so far there is no better alternative for sync.

It will definitly change names with a new version!

Case to 3D-Print

You can download these STL-Files to print out a case for the Raspberry Pi A+, which is my favorite for the smaller form factor while offering standard HDMI and USB connectors.


Based on Raspbian Lite

Player: vlc

Player Sync: omxplayer-sync

Read-Only Mode: Adafruit

Case is a Remix of Thing 639651

Start Sound by Guillermo Heinze