MP4Museum v6

  • Loops Media Files from SD-Card or USB Drives
  • External USB Soundcard option
  • Runs on Pi4 or older, Sync option on Pi3 and similar
  • 5 second boot delay for HDMI connection, for slow starting display/projector
  • Connect Keyboard and press CTRL-C to get to console and make changes
  • WiFi Connection Setup in just a few simple steps

Download the ZIP File (~3.5GB) and write to 16 GB SD Card

MD5 80b4177399520b2385e83a1c854b89b0

Please consider a donation, if this makes your project work.

Case to 3D-Print

You can download these STL-Files to print out a case for the Raspberry Pi 3 A+

New in 2023: Case for Raspberry Pi 1 STL in ZIP , seen here with an optional opening for GPIO


Based on Raspbian Lite

Player: vlc

Player Sync: omxplayer-sync

Case is a Remix of Thing 639651

Pi 1 Case is a Remix of Thing 209100

Start Sound by Guillermo Heinze