Where’s the magic? How does it work?
After booting up, it will run the mp4museum.py script from the pi home directory. Feel free to hack! Take a look into the main script on GitHub.

How do I login?
Connected to a Network providing DHCP, you can use SSH, User pi, Password mp4museum (see HowTo: Hack)

Would it play video files from SD Card?
You could use just the master for mp4museum-sync, but it will support only one loop. See above to login and make changes to mp4museum.

How do i connect those switches?
Add a regular (closing) switch between +5V and pin 11 or 13 for pause or skip. See it here.

Can it play an seamless loop?
You could try the master for mp4museum-sync. 

Problems & possible solutions

USB Stick Format: Use a Flash Drive, and not a Harddisc. FAT32, HFS, NTFS supported.

Check the LED’s: Red steady = Power Good, Green flickering = Booting / Working, Green steady = Boot Issue / SD Card Problem

No sound or image on hdmi? Check this out to learn about setting up config.txt.

AV Check (V3 and later) During logo playback you should hear a film projector sound. Also, there are thin orange lines in all four corners- if you cannot see them, check your overscan settings.

Hardware Problems: Needs good power: Original Raspi, maybe Apple iPad Charger. HDMI output is not very capable, stick to one cable between Pi and Screen/Projector, also, keep it short.

White/Green Screen at the end of Video – This could happen if the omxplayer app has problems with reading your file. Try to encode your .mp4 using a hight-quality preset in handbrake.