v5.5 is out 🥳

Loops Media Files. No nonsense!

Used by Museums, Artists, Makers and, almost entirely, nice people worldwide.

New in Version 5.5:

  • GPIO Filter to prevent static or other interference
  • Loop Mode now looks for “loop.” in the filename, eg: loop.mp3 or my1loop.mp4 & my2loop.mp4
  • Player Errors / Console Output is logged to /tmp/mp4museum.log
  • Media Partition is bigger, ExFat formatted and shows on Windows, too

And if you can’t find current Raspberries due to the shortage of Boards, and don’t need 4k, buy a Raspi 1!

It boots a bit slower but does a great job for most uses. It’s also good for the environment to re-use the old boards 😉

A Project by Julius Schmiedel