V6 Beta

this has been tested on raspi400, old raspi v3 and raspi v1

Download here (ZIP File, about 2GB, MD5: e8f25b06b1cb7402354cc54ff5ea27f8 )

notes on v6 beta

  • to hack the player, simply connect a keyboard and press ctrl-c to exit player
    or connect via ssh (pi@mp4museum.local , pw mp4museum)
    start “sudo raspi-config”, navigate to permormance options, disable “overlay filesystem” and enable writing to “boot”
    exit the program and reboot the system
    when finished, use raspi-config again to enable “overlay system” for read-only mode
  • also, you can quickly try something by going with ctrl-c into console, “nano mp4museum.py”, then “python3 mp4musuem.py”… and your edits will be gone with a reboot
  • sync mode is now possible with the same version of image as regular player
    to enable this mode, create a file called “sync-leader.txt” or “sync-player.txt”
    playback from a file called “sync.mp4”, it has to be exactly that name on all drives.
    the loop should be not too short. mode will be indicated in later verison
    unfortunatly, the “omxplayer-sync” software used for this does not run on raspi4 🙁
  • the media partition is missing but is planned to be included in the final release.
  • raspi v1 still gives good performance up to 1080p30, it just takes a while to boot

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